Introducing ABSOLUTE® the revolutionary online web based program that saves 40 to 60 hours per cost report in manual data entry.


Toyon has a team of experts who can lead, or staff, your department so you can continue to run your facility smoothly.


Toyon is among the top appeal firms in the country. With decades of success and experience, we will ensure you receive all the reimbursement you are entitled to.


Toyon can help you with staffing needs along the entire continuum of services, from temporary staffing assistance and management support to complete outsourcing of the department’s functions.


For more than 30 years, Toyon Associates, Inc. has secured maximum allowable third party reimbursement for hospitals and health systems. One of the most experienced healthcare financial consulting firms in the nation, Toyon Associates offers a comprehensive range of services. From Medicare/Medicaid cost report preparation and appeals to reimbursement department outsourcing, our experts ensure that you receive optimum reimbursement while maintaining compliance.

  • Proven Excellence

    Each year, we successfully help our clients obtain millions of dollars in additional appropriate reimbursement. We provide seamless integration of expert cost report preparation with proactive identification of issues that will require appeal.

  • Expert Analysis

    Every year, federal regulations grow in complexity. Our specialists analyze and apply all pertinent regulations, safeguarding your facility’s financial health.

  • Comprehensive Services

    Our size and resources allow us to quickly respond to your needs. From the initial cost report, to assisting during an audit, to filing appeals, our teams of specialists create customized solutions to optimize your third party reimbursement.

  • Synergy

    Toyon Associates works with more than 200 providers nationwide. This provides us with a distinct advantage in identifying issues, developing strategies, implementing solutions, and streamlining processes.


“I truly feel that Toyon’s Absolute® will make your reporting more efficient…once you begin working with Absolute, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it. Absolute also eliminates the annoyance of not being able to find support for work papers because your analysts can easily upload them to Absolute and attach to the applicable sheet.”

“Toyon consistently delivers forward-thinking, value-added results with exemplary customer service. Over the years we have brought in Toyon for help across the reimbursement spectrum, ranging from meeting annual regulatory requirements to executing on special projects that have added material dollars to the bottom line.  From beginning to end on each project, our entire team, from staff to executive, has felt 100% taken care of.”

“Since we started working with Toyon, we definitely feel that we are being supported by a team of leading industry experts who always work in our best interest. With Toyon’s expertise and dedicated team members, they will always seek and guide us to new opportunities in which their clients will benefit.”

Toyon Associates Healthcare Finance


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