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SNF PPS Updated Rates FY 2014 – Final Rules

From: Federal Register – CMS-1446-F; Display 7/31/13; Published 8/6/13

The FY2014 SNF PPS rates were displayed by CMS on July 31, 2013.  Included below are excerpts from the CMS fact sheet for these finalized rates:

Changes to payment rates under the SNF PPS for FY 2014

Based on the changes contained within this final rule, CMS estimates that aggregate payments to SNFs will increase by $470 million, or 1.3 percent, for FY 2014 relative to payments in FY 2013. This estimated increase is attributable to the 2.3 percent market basket increase, reduced by the 0.5 percentage point forecast error correction (explained below) and further reduced by the 0.5 percentage point multifactor productivity adjustment required by law.

The FY 2014 SNF PPS payment rates and policies will be effective on October 1, 2013.

Revise and rebase the market basket

The Medicare statute requires CMS to establish a SNF market basket index that reflects changes over time in the prices of an appropriate mix of goods and services included in covered SNF services. CMS has developed a SNF market basket index that encompasses the most commonly used cost categories for SNF routine services, ancillary services, and capital-related expenses. The SNF market basket index is a factor used to update the SNF PPS payments on an annual basis. CMS is rebasing and revising the SNF market basket for FY 2014 and subsequent years to reflect more recent data. The current SNF market basket reflects data from FY 2004 and CMS is updating the SNF market basket using data from FY 2010. In addition, CMS will make changes to the components of the SNF market basket index by adding five new cost categories and dividing the existing Nonmedical Professional Fees cost category into two separate categories, labor-related and non labor-related Nonmedical Professional Fees (for a total of 29 cost categories), and revising several price proxies, including the price proxy for the Wages and Salaries and Employee Benefit cost component.  

SNF PPS Updated Rates FY 2014 – Final Rules

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