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CMS Posted Final Rules Late Friday for IP Rehab PPS, SNF PPS & Hospice – FY2017


From: Federal Register – Filed 7/29/16

This is a late update.  CMS filed the final rules for the above referenced programs applicable to FY2017.  The final IP PPS Acute Rules FY2017 will likely follow tonight.

CMS Posted Final Rules Late Friday for IP Rehab PPS, SNF PPS & Hospice – FY2017

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SNF PPS FY 2016 Rates – Correction

From: Federal Register – CMS-1622-CN; Filed 9/30/15; Publication 10/05/15

Summary of Errors in the Preamble (Excerpt)

  1. On pages 46436, 46437, 46439, 46450 and 46452 we inadvertently made typographical and other technical errors. On pages 46400 and 46405, where we provide a link to the CMS Web Site listing the wage index for FY 2016, we inadvertently omitted reference to Table B. These pages are being corrected to state that the wage index applicable for FY 2016 is set forth in Tables A and B available on the CMS Web Site.
  1. Summary of Errors in and Corrections to Tables Posted on the CMS Web site

In Table A setting forth the Wage Index for Urban Areas Based on CBSA Labor Market

Areas, which is available exclusively on the CMS Web site at

, following the complete list of correct wage index values, we inadvertently included a number of additional, erroneous values in the final wage index table. The version of Table A that was initially posted to the CMS Web site on July 30, 2015 correctly included all of the final wage index values for all CBSAs in rows 1 through 1238, but also inadvertently included some of the proposed wage index values, beginning in row 1240 of Table A.

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