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Updated Medicare PS&R/Cost Report – Hospital Readmission/VBP

From: Toyon Associates – 3/15/13

The Medicare PS&R has been recently updated to identify the impact of the Hospital Readmission and Value Based Purchasing adjustments that became effective for discharges on or after 10/1/12.  The 2552-10 cost report forms were also updated on Worksheet E Part A, adding lines 70.93 & 70.94 to separately identify the impact of these two adjustments for hospitals.

Daniel Pelayo,  Manager of Cost Report/OSHPD services has put together example PS&R and cost report schedules that identify these new fields. 

Updated Medicare PS&R/Cost Report – Hospital Readmission/VBP

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Upcoming Schedule for PS&R Data Center Maintenance

From: NHIC Corp (MAC) E-mail – 7/6/12

The PS&R Redesign system is scheduled for downtime from July 14-28, 2012 for the Data Center to migrate the records to the zLinux storage mechanism. The PS&R system will be unavailable to both providers and contractors. Of particular note, providers, whose 2/29/12 fiscal year end cost reports are due on July 31, 2012, will be unable to request and receive PS&R data during the downtime.


Therefore, the Medicare contractors will provide a copy of the PS&R report to the 2/29/12 FYE providers prior to July 12, 2012 to ensure that these providers can timely file their cost reports.

CMS data center maintenance is currently scheduled for July 14-July 28 2012. If there are any changes to the maintenance schedule, the new downtime period will be posted on the NHIC, Corp. website.

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