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Another COVID-19 Deadline Extension – Calendar Year 2019 Occupational Mix Survey

CMS collects data every three years on the occupational mix of employees for each short-term, acute care hospital participating in the Medicare program. Completed calendar year 2019 Occupational Mix Surveys, Hospital Reporting Form CMS-10079, for the Wage Index Beginning FY 2022, were initially due to the Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) by July 1, 2020. CMS granted an extension for hospitals nationwide affected by COVID-19 until August 3, 2020.

Due to continued COVID-related concerns from hospitals about meeting this deadline, CMS is further extending this deadline to September 3, 2020. Hospitals must submit their occupational mix surveys along with complete supporting documentation to their MACs by no later than September 3, 2020. Hospitals may then submit revisions to their occupational mix surveys to their MACs, if needed, by no later than September 10, 2020.  Hospitals must use the Excel hospital reporting form available at: 
Please contact Ryan Sader at with any questions or should you require assistance with your occupational mix survey filing. 
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Toyon University presents WIF103 The Occupational Mix Webinar

Toyon University - Occupational Mix Webinar

Toyon University – Occupational Mix Webinar

WIF 103: The Occupational Mix

Thank you for attending Toyon University Presents — WIF 103: The Occupational Mix. We hope you enjoyed our event.

This course covered the basics of the Occupational Mix Adjustment, the calculation of the OMA, and strategies for improving the accuracy of your Occupational Mix data.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss the preparation of your organization’s occupational mix survey, please contact Ryan Sader at, or 888-514-9312.

If you missed the webinar, a recording along with the slide deck and other materials are located here!

Thank you!
Toyon University is a virtual ‘university’ created for our clients. For further information on our curriculum, contact Dave Yoder at or 888.514.9312.
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Medicare Occupational Mix Filing CY2013 – Looming

Just a reminder that the Occupational Mix wage data filing for calendar year 2013 wage data is due by June 30, 2014.  This data filing will be used as part of the FFY 2016 wage index development.  Section 304 (c ) of  Public Law 106-554 amended section 1886(d)(3)(E) of the Social Security Act and requires CMS to collect data every 3 years on occupational mix of employees for each  short-term, acute hospital participating in the Medicare program.

The application of this wage factor is designed to penalize hospitals that have a mix of nursing staff that exceed certain national standards.  California hospitals are generally penalized by this application as there is a State Law that mandates a certain minimum of registered nursing staff.

For hospitals with a June fiscal year end, it is important to be summarizing contract labor data for the July through December 2013 period of time.  Particularly for large non-nursing related services.  The larger the percentage of non-nursing related salaries the less onerous the impact of a negative Occupational Mix factor.

Click here to go to the CMS Home Page for related to Occupational Mix filing.

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