Toyon’s Workbook for CARES PRF Reporting

Toyon is pleased to provide our clients and industry colleagues an optional complimentary workbook designed to evaluate and support COVID-19 expenses and lost revenues applied against CARES Provider Relief Fund (PRF) payments.  This workbook reflects Toyon’s current and best understanding of the HHS PRF Guidance released June 11, 2021 and subsequent FAQs.  For access to this workbook, please register below to receive a copy via e-mail.

Toyon’s Article on Complexities with CARES PRF Reporting

Toyon is also happy to share an article highlighting the complexities of CARES PRF reporting. This article addresses three specific categories of CARES PRF reporting concerns:

  1. Absence of comprehensive audit guidance
  2. Complexities in hospital reimbursement determining patient care revenue
  3. Use and reporting of “Targeted” PRF payments between parent companies and subsidiaries

Please feel free to share and comment on this article with other concerns with PRF reporting.  Toyon is happy to update this article inclusive of other significant industry issues.  We hope this article gains traction and promotes further clarity in PRF reporting.

Please feel free to contact Fred Fisher at with any questions.  Thank you. 

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