Introducing the most time saving and accurate Medicare cost reporting software program in the industry

What is Absolute®?

Toyon’s Absolute® CMS Form 2552-10 Medicare Cost Report Workpaper Software is a web based program designed to assist in the automation, storage, standardization, and accuracy of the entire cost report preparation process.

  • Standardizes the import and parsing of general ledger ("GL"), revenue and usage, and payroll databases for the entire health system in one batch
  • Defines key data elements – accounting structure, job categories, earn codes, insurance plan codes, patient admit types, financial classifications, and more
  • Creates links between detailed financial data to 96 worksheets contained within CMS 2552-10 forms
  • Provides complete audit trail housed within the system using user-uploaded pdf, xlsx or csv file types for supporting documentation
  • Exports clean work papers in xlsx or pdf format
  • Offers integrated review checklist creating accountability and ensuring the quality of completed reports
  • Immediate analysis and identification of any data abnormalities across all providers and multi-fiscal year trends via intuitive business intelligence dashboards
  • On-going customer support provided by experienced Toyon consultants on the nuances of Medicare Cost Report preparation, integrated support chat bot, and searchable web-based manual
  • Simplifies the entire preparation process with built-in safeguards that can be leveraged as a learning tool for staff new to reimbursement
Toyon Absolute 2552-10 Cost Report

A Powerful Feature Set

Absolute® creates a consistent standardized preparation process. All definitions, filters and structure from prior years can be carried over to future reporting periods saving 40 to 60 hours per cost report in manual data entry.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to use dashboard, walking users through the entire preparation process
  • Intelligently tracks all worksheet A-6 and A-8 updates applied back to the GL, ensuring internal consistency across dependent worksheets
  • Simplified development of crosswalks, direct assignments, customization, and review via Worksheet C, Settlement and Sub-Component modules

Absolute® IS the revolutionary online web based program that saves 40 to 60 hours per cost report in manual data entry

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