FFY 2019 Worksheet S-10 Audit Verification

CMS recently released updated Medicare cost report data in the Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS) including updates to Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2019 Worksheet (WS) S-10[1]. Toyon recommends Disproportionate Share (DSH) providers validate this HCRIS information, as CMS will likely use FFY 2019 WS S-10 data to determine FFY 2023 Uncompensated Care DSH (UC DSH) payments.  
Toyon also recommends providers contact their MAC regarding any discrepancies between their FFY 2019 WS S-10 audit results and the HCRIS data. Toyon will provide this service for all our S-10 clients to verify the agreed upon audit results were transmitted accurately. CMS’s use of FFY 2019 WS S-10 data will be further discussed in the FFY 2023 IPPS Proposed Rule this Spring. 
Toyon’s FFY 2019 WS S-10 Audit Verification File Available HERE
To assist with audit verification, please feel free to download (using the link above) Toyon’s WS S-10 comparison file. This file allows providers to enter the results from their WS S-10 audit adjustment reports and compare against WS S-10 data in CMS’s HCRIS database.
File Use
All data entry areas in the template are orange. 
  • Enter Medicare provider number in Excel Cell A2
  • Enter FFY 2019 WS S-10 audit results in the following cells
    • Cell J26 – WS S-10 Line 1, Col 1: Cost to Charge Ratio
    • Cell H30 – WS S-10 Line 20, Col 1: Uninsured Charity Charges
    • Cell I30 – WS S-10 Line 20, Col 2: Insured Charity Charges
    • Cell H32 – WS S-10 Line 22, Col 1: Uninsured Charity Payments, if applicable
    • Cell I32 – WS S-10 Line 22, Col 2: Insured Charity Payments, if applicable
    • Cell J39 – WS S-10 Line 25, Col 1: Medicaid Charges > LOS Limit, if appliable
    • Cell J40 – WS S-10 Line 26, Col 1: Total Bad Debt Expense
    • Cell J42 – WS S-10 Line 27.01, Col 1: Allowable Medicare Bad Debts
File Results
After entering above data, the template will compare:
  • — FFY 2019 Audited WS S-10 vs. FFY 2019 WS S-10 per CMS HCRIS[2]
  • — FFY 2019 Audited WS S-10 vs. FFY 2018 Audited WS S-10 per CMS HCRIS
Should you have any questions about the audit comparison file and/or questions about your hospital’s audit results please feel to reach out to Liam Corrigan-Carias at 888.514.9312, Liam.Corrigan-Carias@toyonassociates.com
[1] Cost report fiscal years beginning on/after 10/1/2018 through 9/30/2019
[2] It is possible that Cost of Uncompensated Care on Line 30 may vary from the S-10 audit results. This may be a result of separate cost report audits impacting the Cost to Charge Ratio (S-10, Line 1) or Medicare Bad Debts (S-10, Line 27.01).  
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