Medicare DSH Uncompensated Care Updates

We were ecstatic when learning that CMS in the IP PPS Acute final rules decided to not implement the proposed used of Worksheet S-10 information for the DSH Factor 3 calculation beginning in FY2018 (As reported to you on August 5th).   However, they left open the possibility of using some other type of proxy until revised S-10 instructions are issued.

We have since learned that while there is no current plan from CMS for implementing some form of S-10 in FY2018, CMS stated that this could all change in a new Presidential Administration.  Further that it is possible that the FY2014 S-10 cost report information could still be used in some fashion.  What does this mean?  It means that it is still prudent to take a look at your FY2014 S-10 cost report information and revise this filing if material changes are discovered.

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