CMS Ruling 1498-R2 – Revised SSI Issuances 1988-2005

From: CMS DSH Website – 4/23/15

CMS posted several new data files on their DSH SSI website location.  Most significant of these postings is an issuance of a revised ruling regarding the handling of SSI for DSH purposes titled 1498-R2.  This issuance was precipitated by the “Catholic Health” decision in the D.C Circuit court related to the exclusion of Medicare non-covered days in the SSI ratio.

This revised ruling can be found by clicking the link above and scrolling to the end of the download section.  The application of this revised ruling is only for providers that either have not had a finalized cost report issued or have properly pending appeals between 1988 – 2005 (ending on or before October 1, 2014).  Included as part of this revised ruling are revised SSI files all titled “R2” covering 1988-2005.

CMS states in the application of this revised ruling:

“This modification and amendment of CMS Ruling 1498-R allows providers to elect whether to receive Medicare-SSI fractions on the basis of “total days,” or “covered days,” but it does not alter any other provisions of CMS Ruling 1498-R, including the mechanism for implementation by the administrative tribunals; applicability to cost reports not yet finally settled by an initial notice of program reimbursement (NPR); the Ruling’s general provision for unitary relief on all three DSH issues; and the determination that CMS Ruling 1498-R is not an appropriate basis for reopening of any final determination of the Secretary or a contractor or an decision by a reviewing entity.”

We have been expecting this issuance by CMS and will be evaluating the revised issuance for all of our clients with appeals properly established for the timeframes described above.  The revised SSI issuances are not necessarily an improvement over the original issuances.

CMS Ruling 1498-R2 – Revised SSI Issuances 1988-2005

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