CMS Releases 2014 SSI Updated File Today

From: CMS DSH Website – 7/15/16

The long awaited FFY2014 SSI file was posted by CMS earlier today.  This updated SSI will be used in the Inpatient Acute PPS FY2017 final rules for the development of the DSH Uncompensated Care Factor 3.  This SSI file will also be used for Inpatient Acute hospitals with fiscal years that begin from 10/1/13 – 9/30/14.  For calendar year providers this applies to FYE 12/31/14 and for June yearend providers this file will apply to FYE 6/30/15.

We have prepared a four year comparison (i.e. FFY 2011-2014) SSI file of the acute hospitals for your use.  Click here to download this comparison file.

CMS also released a transmittal today announcing the 2014 SSI release.  Here is a summary of this transmittal:


These instructions notify Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) of the availability of updated data and instructions on how to access such data for determining the disproportionate share adjustment for IPPS hospitals and the low income patient (LIP) adjustment for IRFs as well as payments as applicable for LTCH discharges. The SSI/Medicare beneficiary data for hospitals are available electronically and contains the name of the hospital, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) certification number, SSI days, total Medicare days, and the ratio of Medicare Part A patient days attributable to SSI recipients.

Inpatient Rehab SSI Release – FY2014

Concurrently with the Acute IP Hospital SSI release, CMS announced the Inpatient Rehab SSI release for FY2014 that is used for the Low Income Payment (LIP) calculation.  The link above is will take you to the Rehab SSI location.  However as of this writing (Friday 7/15 2:30PM PST) the 2014 SSI data has not yet been posted.

CMS Releases 2014 SSI Updated File Today



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