Poll: One-Fifth of Hospital EHRs Are Poor Fits

From: HFMA News – 3/18/15


Article Excerpt:

The electronic health record (EHR) systems used by one-fifth of hospitals are poor fits for those organizations, according to a new poll of hospital IT managers.


Black Book Rankings polled hospital IT managers, including CIOs, at 700 hospitals and found 19 percent view the EHR system they operate as not optimal for their organization.


“Hospitals and their network affiliates find themselves trapped with an EHR system that does not and/or will not meet their foreseeable organizational needs,” Doug Brown, managing partner of Black Book, said in a release.


Among multiple sources of dissatisfaction that were identified by hospitals technology managers, the top three were greater-than-expected vendor costs due to cost overruns and required add-ons (90 percent), lack of flexibility by the EHR vendor to meet the hospital’s interoperability goals (81 percent), and vendors that oversell the system’s capabilities or do not effectively match functionalities to the hospital’s situation (65 percent).


And hospitals’ discomfort with their EHR systems appears to be increasing: Black Book surveys found 12 percent of hospital officials in 2012 and 17 percent in 2013 were skeptical of their original EHR choice….


The $18 billion in federal EHR assistance covered an average of only 10 percent of EHR costs for hospitals, which spent $47 billion annually in recent years on IT operating and capital costs, according to surveys by the American Hospital Association (AHA).


Delays among EHR vendors were cited in an AHA statement to the committee as one reason why the Obama administration should shorten the year-long meaningful use reporting requirements to 90 days. Hospitals that fail to meet 2015 reporting requirements face a 1 percent cut in their total Medicare payments….

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